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Doin’ it well…LLCoolJ helps you manage it all. Pt 12 from Wry and Ginger.

24 Feb

This is the 12th part in a series of discussions about topics that plague the minds of many Etsians. And when I say “discussion” I mean “Do fries come with that shake?”
Doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well!

LL Cool J.  Ah, the ladies, they do love him, and he makes an interesting point with his hot little number.
How do you do it all? And do it well?

You have to make, photograph, post, watch, advertise, promote, and chat. You have to tend to your network, personal website, trunkt portfolio, blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, community group, street team. You have to prepare for meet ups, craft shows, trunks shows and swaps. Come on, get with it! Climb on that endless train of tasks to be done to sell just one more item from your shop! CHOP CHOP! Let’s go!

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What can Pat Benatar teach you? Pt 11 in Wry and Ginger’s School of Rock!

20 Feb

This is the eleventh installment in a series of discussion about doing the biz on Etsy. And when I say “discussion,” I mean “We are young! Heartache to heartache we stand!”

* Wry sometimes uses adult language. OK? OK.

Treat me right!

Well that’s what Pat Benatar said and as far as I know, she’s never been wrong about anything. Love is a battlefield, and we are, in fact, running from the shadows in the night. And while I normally live by the creed set forth in her notable hit “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”  – being that I am a tough cookie and I have long history of breaking little hearts, there is one group of folks here that I am always trying to treat right. Yes, yep, you know it…the customers.

It has been well documented here that I am a big proponent of people running their shops as they see fit. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. But I do have a few golden rules in my head regarding customer service, and I will admit that when I see the rules broken or bent by others, I flinch a little. So I will share those few rules with you today – take them or leave them. After all, it’s not you I care about jerkface, it’s my customers.  Unless, of course, you might like to buy something….then let the kowtowing commence!!

1. Communicate with them.

So first we have the obvious idea that if someone buys something from you, say thanks. Now, how this will happen is an individual thing done in many ways by many different sellers. My way is to send a thank you convo at the time of purchase that gives the projected shipping date. And then you are not going to hear from me again unless I have a problem. I do not send another thank you by way of a special note in the package, but I do send freebies – they are fun and useful items. Some people convo at the time of sale, send another message upon shipping and then pack up special thank you notes. No one way works for everyone but you need to do this in some way. Nothing is worse than being in a shop and making a purchase and having the acned emo clerk with the bad eyeliner job fail to even make eye contact with you, let alone mumble a “thank you’ through their braces.  As Pat Benatar rightly pointed out, we live for love.

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Lesson Ten: Speaking Clearly. And by that I mean typing.

17 Feb

This is the 10th part is a series of discussion about topics pertinent to Etsy inhabitants.
And when I say “discussion” I mean “she’s your mother, you deal with her!”

Today, let’s talk about communicating effectively with one another in this online environment.  Here are some tips I think might help us all communicate better with one another.

1.Type like they taught you in school. When an entire message or thread title is in CAPSLOCK you look, at best, a bit shouty, at worst, somewhat deranged. If you hate having to cap things periodically, like at the start of a sentence, just forget about it all together. The ALL CAPS MESSAGE has roughly the same effect as standing three inches away from the face of a clerk at the pharmacy and screaming for the anti-fungal ointment. It causes nothing but recoil. Continue reading

New in the shop – more bad parking notes

15 Feb

I promise not to inundate you with updates from my shop – just the periodic glimpse in to what is available there.

So what did I do on Valentine’s Day? I made jackass parking notes of course!

Then Mr Wry and I went and got fancy take out. Then I awoke at 4:22am thinking surely I had been poisoned. The feeling has passed, and has not, naturally, deterred me from eating that delicious linguine and confit of duck dish again. Give it up stomach…you and I have been through so much worse than that. You will have to do better, my cavernous little friend.

Oh yes – the notes!

Laminated Bad Parking NOtes

Laminated Bad Parking Notes

Laminated to protect against weather and rage, they really are the most passive aggressive fun you can have.

Lesson 9: Raise the Red Flag

13 Feb

This the the ninth part in a series of discussions about topics pertinent to Etsy community members. And when I say “discussion” I mean, “yes, right there…no a bit to the left…to the right…you can be replaced by a back scratcher, you know!”

Raising the Red Flag.

Flagging is the system of user-monitoring employed by Etsy. If you see an item for sale on Etsy that breaks the terms of use (which are available to all and, for most purposes, are quite simple), you can flag it. You click the “report this item to Etsy” and you get a drop down menu to choose a reason for reporting it and a box for comments. Bob’s yer uncle!

It sounds very easy doesn’t it?  Well so did income tax the first time someone explained it to me. Really, it is simple, yet somehow it exposes so many other issues with it.

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Lesson 8 – Boo hoo it’s not fair!

12 Feb

This is the 8th part in a series of discussions about topics pertinent to members of the Etsy community. And when I say “discussion” I mean “simmer down, crackie, and listen to my dulcet tones…”

Is this fair??

We often see these words, or at least this sentiment, in the business threads here at Etsy. Perhaps it’s about copying or not being featured on the front page, or what have you, so I thought this would be an interesting topic to delve in to.

But actually it’s not. The answer is, almost 100% of the time, “No.”

No, clearly it’s not fair from your perspective if you feel pissed enough about it to start a thread. And maybe whatever the situation is, it actually isn’t fair.

Life’s not fair. Death’s not fair. Love’s not fair. Business sure as shit is not fair. Continue reading

Lesson 7: Get off the teat!

10 Feb

This is the 7th part in a series of discussions about topics pertinent to Etsy shop owners (and other online operators of small business, I like to hope). And when I say “discussion” I mean “sweetie, you are still standing there and my drink hand is empty…that ‘s just basic math.”

Thoughts on Being an Independent Business Operator.

You run your own business – even if it’s just a small concern. In that business, you are independent, your own boss, maker of your destiny. You have struck out alone, away from the security of someone paying you, telling you what to do and calling the shots for you.

So why is it that every time you stumble upon something even somewhat new, instead of saying “Oh ho, I run my own business, I create things, I market them and I am intelligent, so let me tackle this new thing!” what you actually say is “Oohhh noooo…google analytics*…eeeewhat’s that?” and flick it with your finger, like it’s some sort of repulsive bug that crawled across your screen. And you follow this up with “Can someone please explain this for me?”

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