5 Feb

Welcome to Wry&Ginger’s Lessons on How to Suck It Up in Business.

This is a series of  discussions on dealing with some common complaints that we hear when doing business on Etsy. And when I say ‘discussion’ I mean ‘ yes, i would like a backrub, thanks!’

Today we being with a perennial favourite

Here, like everywhere else in the world, some people originate ideas, some take ideas and put a whole new spin on them, and others like to go with a trend and do like the originator or the spinner.

Now I could go in to a lengthy and mind numbingly boring explanation of copyright, trademark and patent law in the USA and other countries, but that would take me forever, and you would just end up disappointed to learn that in the vast VAST majority of cases, there is sweet FA that you can do.

So here is my advice for you:

If someone is copying your ideas, glance back at them over your shoulder and mutter  “good luck keeping up, assface!” and just get on with making your stuff.

I mean, you weren’t planning on making the same stuff forever, were you?

Well done and lesson learned.


One Response to “Lesson 1 – OMG! SOMEONE COPIED ME!!”

  1. Anke February 10, 2009 at 6:55 pm #

    And apart from that… Well, an example from my experience: I had someone claim I had stolen their idea after I drew a green, antropomorphic moose, when I’d never heard of them or seen their art, and the styles were vastly different.

    Just because you had an idea doesn’t mean it’s completely new and unique; it’s possible someone else came up with something very similar without copying you.

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