Sweet Golden Nectar – Fullers Organic Honey Dew

7 Feb

I am not a sweet and fruity kind of lady.

I like my beer dark, often bitter and pretty much never with a twist of lime. So it was a great surprise to me when I put gaping maw to the neck of this beer:

fullers organic honeydew

It’s light, it’s pale(ish) and it does have this deliciously delicate touch of honey. It’s almost sweet but not really and it has made me a believer. Beliber. Imbiber. Whatever.

It’s not for every day and every situation…but its light touch and magical ways have bewitched me. And it’s organic so that fulfills the smugness component nicely.

To commemorate my love of this light-like beer, I give you, my gallery of Honeydew (in reality, just two pictures, both of which are poorly composed, lit and shot).

beer-godSee the beams from heaven? Know what those say? they say “Good one Wry…nice beer. Love, God. ”

Interested in that fancy mug? I know you are.

my beautiful mug

There’s a close up for you of my beautiful mug. It’s always chilling and my friends know that it falls under the No Touchy! rules (which are a surprisingly small set of rules involving mostly this mug and my entire person).

Cheers, Honeydew!.


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