More meaty love!

9 Mar

NO, it’s not porn.  OK, maybe food porn.

This weekend we took delivery of 1/4 of a cow and MAN was that a lot of meat.

THIS was part of my mother’s portion. She did not eat it all in one sitting, I am told.

It was meat nuttiness

meat!The next day I cooked a ham – something I have never enjoyed.  Pink slippery meat…gah! (I await your ribald comments.)

But it was goooood. It has lots of outer fat which I glazed and it got all crispy and delicious and crunchy and fatty and then I was up at 5am feeling barfy and maybe eating that much straight up pig fat in one sitting is not for me. ( I was repeatedly warned by others to hold back but it was CRUNCHY, people!!)

I  loved it.

Ham… pink slippery meat never tasted so good!


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