It eScapes me just now…

28 Jun

Phooar missus I love scapes. There are a few seasonal foods that make me absolutely giddy when they appear in local shops, and the garlic scape is one. A fragrant aroma and taste like garlic, but with the intensity taken out. They are truly a wonderful thing in the kitchen.  What can you do with a scape, you might wonder…pfft what can’t you do with them??

Chopping scapes with the trusty mezzaluna. Two handed chopping tools are safer for some of us....

Well actually…

1. They are of no use in defending yourself against trendy vampires. It’s just a scape, not a bulb. Stop looking for miracles, tilt your neck and accept that you may be spending eternity sparkling and acting like an angsty, hormonal, pain in the ass 16 yr old. Lucky you.

2. You cannot use them as an adult toy.  I know what you are saying: “Anything, applied with enough vigor and/or repetition can be an adult toy.” Normally that is true, but after exhaustive research and more than a few “focus groups” (at best awkward, at worst involving the authorities*),  I can tell you that is not so.

But you can do many things.  Tonight I got out the mezzaluna (the somewhat frightening instrument in the picture above) and minced some scapes to saute with bacon for an omelette. Pretty marvelous.

Scapes and bacon!

Scapes and bacon! Yes, that is a lot of scapes. I live alone, folks.

Scapes are also great for things like soup and pesto, both of which will freeze like a treat – allowing you a little taste of early summer some time later in the year.

Well don’t just sit there…get yourself down to your market and get some scapes!

* And thanks for that Mr. Jorgenson. You could have just taken your $50  and left in a huff, but no we had to go and involve the constabulary.


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