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Five things in this world that escape me.

4 Jul

Some years ago, I took a course on Foucault and, for the most part, followed it. It was rather like my first sexual experience in that I didn’t really enjoy it and felt I could have been spending my time more productively elsewhere, but in for a penny (or an overpriced semester), in for a pound.

Le French intellectual.

I say this not to give you the heebie jeebies picturing my rather drawn out and honestly humdrum sexual initiation. I just want to point out that I am not completely devoid of cognitive spark before  I cover the five things that escape me. You may need to pop back up here periodically and gaze into the très smart eyes of M. Foucault. He’s piercing you with les smarts.

Things That Escape Me.

1. Radio Waves.  Before the geeks out there rush to explain this to me, I have had it explained. Repeatedly. I get how simple it is. In fact,  its simplicity is what freaks me out. Continuous waves of information pulsing by, through and near us all the time.  Seriously, get your head around this…a transmitter miles away sends out radio waves which are picked up by the radio by your bed, which converts them into music.   What.    The.   Hell.   Music out of thin air. TV shows out of thin air. Thin air. You can’t see them and they are there all the time. We are drowning in radio waves. They go through walls. RIGHT THROUGH WALLS.  I need to move on to #2 before I give in to my urge to crawl into my closet for a few days.

2. The Backlash Suffered by Jerry Lee Lewis for Marrying Myra Brown. Look, where he was from, and at that time, it was not entirely unusual.  Now if his next wife was thirteen, that would be shocking. Because it should be me. ME! I’ve always dreamt of being the next Mrs Lewis. Yes, yes, I know what you are saying…stay away from the guns and swimming pools. Whatever. You be a dream killer, I’ll be a consort to the Killer. As God intended. Continue reading